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Preoperative Care Edmonton

Preoperative Care

Preoperative Care Edmonton

Preoperative Care for General Anesthesia


Absolutely NO FOODS, LIQUIDS (INCLUDING WATER), from midnight the night before until your appointment time. Eating or drinking will cause your General Anesthetic or other sedation to be cancelled.

Please bring a current list of your medications with you to your consultation. Some medication use may be modified or instructed to not be taken prior to your treatment.

Normally, you may take your regular daily medications prior to your treatment with only a small sip of water. This will be confirmed at your preoperative appointment.

Diabetics must discuss whether to take their morning insulin or oral hypoglycemics at their preoperative appointment.

Please brush your teeth the morning of your appointment, but do not swallow any of the water.

Do not wear contact lenses, facial make up, fingernail polish, perfume, or aftershave.

Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Long sleeved shirts should be loose enough to be pulled above the elbow without constricting the lower arm.

Physician History & Physical Form, if requested, will be given to you to be filled out by your doctor prior to us booking your appointment.

If a cough, cold, sore throat, cold sore or other physical ailment should develop prior to your appointment, please call our office (780) 429-1711 as soon as possible so that we may determine if it is safe for your work to go ahead as scheduled.

Any possibility of pregnancy must be conveyed to the dentist at the time of your consultation.

You must be accompanied home by a responsible adult. Arrange to have the phone number of your ride available and ensure your ride can escort you out of the office.

Do not operate a motor vehicle for 24 hours after your anesthetic appointment, as you are impaired.

Should you have any questions, please contact the office.


You will receive a printed copy of the Adult Post-Anesthesia Instructions or Pediatric Post-Anesthesia Instructions at your appointment. Information regarding what to expect after dental surgery, anesthetic, and dental treatment post-operative care instructions, are also found on our website for review.

If you have concerns, questions, or need reassurance that your recovery is proceeding normally, you should feel free to call Dr. Fee or Dr. Park at any time following discharge from our office.

Awake or asleep for dentistry, it is your choice.

If you are looking for a dentist in Edmonton for please call us at (780) 429-1711 or book an appointment online.

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